Why Choose NSHI?

  • Next Step Home Inspections, LLC is Licensed (HI11871 ) & Insured 
  • NSHI's owner holds 15+ InterNACHI Certificates
  • NSHI's owner has 20+ years of experience with home/commercial construction and maintenance. 
  • NSHI focuses on affordability and making prices competetive 
  • Inspection reports available same day - electronically. 
  • Onsite overview of inspection prior to receiving full report 

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Next Step Home Inspections' Full Home Inspection Report (pdf)


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Affiliate Member of the Navarre Board of Realtors



InterNachi Certified Home Inspector


Family is everything

Here at Next Step Home Inspections, we treat every inspection like our family is counting on a quality inspection. We understand the importance of paying close attention to every detail. We want to ensure the safety and continuity of every family we service. Let us alleviate your stress today and move your family closer to the - Next Step! 

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10 quick Ongoing home care techniques

  • Replace AC filters every month.
  • Clean AC coils annually with coil cleaner.  
  • Clean refrigerator coils annually. These coils are located on the back of the fridge. Cleaning utensils include a coil brush and coil cleaner.
  • Clean dryer vents by vacuuming them out three times a year.
  • Place vinegar and ice cubes in your kitchen drain to clean and sharpen your garbage disposal blades. 
  • Change the batteries in your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors every six months.
  • Thoroughly check your window and door caulking for any stripping annually.
  • Check gutters for debris twice a year. 
  • Inspect washing machine hoses on a regular basis determine if they need to be replaced. 
  • For longer life, turn off the water heater and drain to rid system of particles from water sediment. 

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